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A federal judge in Los Angeles on Wednesday dismissed actress Ashley Judd's sexual harassment claim against movie producer Harvey Weinstein but said she could proceed with a defamation claim against him. If the president invokes emergency powers to build a wall, it could be a mutually face-saving way to reopen the government, but also a violation of constitutional norms. Why do whales sing? Scientists still arent certain, and maybe the whales arent, either. Angus Scott took to Twitter on Tuesday to post an image of the meal served at Edinburgh airport - which consisted of a slice of processed cheese dumped on a side of chips. Bluebottle jellyfish are normally found far from shore, but they have been descending on Australias east coast in what officials called a relentless assault.
For many office workers, working from home has replaced a day spent recovering under the covers. Authorities are using harsh methods to target people posting criticism of the government on a social media platform that is blocked in the country, extending online censorship beyond Chinas borders. Leo Mazzone, who coached one of the greatest rotations ever, says baseball is ruining pitchers with strict pitch counts and innings limits. Someone like Noah Syndergaard might want to listen.
Economic optimists have for years been misguidedly predicting the twilight of the boring, safety-first bond market. And the year gone by was another one that proved them wrong, particularly in the... The side of the moon we never see from Earth contains secrets about our solar systems early days, and it could help astronomers see the universe more clearly. She pledged to pull the collaboration, Do What U Want, from iTunes after a documentary detailed sexual abuse allegations against the RB singer.
A look back at some of the eccentric illustrators art for young readers. It takes a high-tech village to raise a champion animal for bull riding. The cowboys, bred the old-fashioned way, can barely keep up. Lady Gaga has vowed to remove a duet she recorded with RB singer R.Kelly from streaming services and never collaborate with him again. David Nevins, the new chief content officer at CBS, promoted two lieutenants at the CBS-owned cable network behind Billions and Ray Donovan.
The United States does worse than about two dozen other industrialized nations in this crucial measure of public health.
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